Privacy Policy

Last Revised: January 1, 2017

This Privacy Policy describes the ways in which SmackDocs (SmackDocs LLC) may collect, use, and disclose the personal information obtained in your use of the website, This Privacy Policy will allow you to make an informed decision regarding use of the SmackDocs website before you begin. SmackDocs reserves the right to alter the provisions of this Privacy Policy without notice, however any time that updates are made this will be so indicated on the “Privacy Policy” page of the SmackDocs website. You should revisit SmackDocs’ “Privacy Policy” page periodically to familiarize yourself with changes that can potentially affect how your personal information is collected or used.


The SmackDocs website may contain links to outside websites. Personal information you share with these other websites goes directly to them and will be subject to their privacy policies. SmackDocs is not responsible for any content, privacy issues, or security practices relative to these other websites (or any other websites not owned or operated by SmackDocs to which the SmackDocs website may otherwise provide links).


With respect to the SmackDocs website, “personal information” includes any information that may be used to identify or help to identify a specific person – things such as name, address, cellphone number, conventional telephone number, email, credit card number, or other bits of data that are specifically related to an individual. Personal information does not include general facts related to your use of the SmackDocs website and how this usage may be similar or dissimilar to the website’s use by larger groups or categories of individuals (without any “personal information” attached). SmackDocs reserves the right to collect and use any such general or aggregate information.


SmackDocs actively collects information when you create an account, fill out one of the forms, submit an email, or otherwise request information. The information collected by SmackDocs relative to your account may include your name, address, email, cellphone and/or other telephone number, and credit card number. Other information is compiled passively as the SmackDocs website is used: IP (Internet Protocol) address for instance, along with operating-system and browser type, the address of any referring website, and your activity while on the SmackDocs website. This information is treated as personal if it at any time or in any manner helps to identify a specific individual. It is otherwise regarded only as general or aggregate information and is used as such.

SmackDocs may accumulate other non-sensitive information via “cookies.” A cookie is a tiny data file that attaches to your browser when you visit a website. When you return to that website at a later time, the cookie(s) remind the site’s server what pages (on that site) you visited or products you browsed or searches you made and the server endeavors to immediately reconnect you with these. SmackDocs believes that its use of cookies will help speed up and enhance your user experience as the website and its products are accessed. If you prefer not to be tracked this way, blocking or erasing cookies is normally quite easy. Simply refer to the operating instructions of your particular web browser. Any information acquired by SmackDocs via its use of cookies that may identify or help to identify a specific individual will be treated as personal information. All other data gleaned via the use of cookies will be used only in the general or aggregate.

The SmackDocs website may also deploy beacons and other similar technologies. Beacons are tiny (completely invisible) transparent images that help SmackDocs to monitor user activity on the SmackDocs website. Beacons allow SmackDocs to track the actions that a user takes when one of the pages on the SmackDocs website is opened, or to chart the progress of an email – has it been viewed, was it forwarded or discarded, etc.


SmackDocs may use “personal” information (information that can be used to identify or help to identify a specific individual) for the following purposes:

A) site analysis – helps to personalize your user experience;

B) customer service – for timely answers to your emails and other questions;

C) communications – keeps you apprised of offers, promotions, and new services and/or products that may be of interest to you;

D) feedback – requests your view of the SmackDocs website and/or its individual pages;

E) administration – furnishes you with updates, confirmations, security alerts, and more;

F) efficient operations – ensures that you receive the services and/or information that you want, and helps SmackDocs to process and settle transactions;

G) governmental requirements – may sometimes require SmackDocs to store and process personal information here in the U.S. and abroad;

H) site modifications – lets you know about changes to the SmackDocs website before they happen; and

I) miscellaneous purposes – to serve any additional function for which the data or information was compiled.


SmackDocs will not share “personal information” compiled on website users with any third parties except in instances such as the following:

A) by permission – this may be by your direct consent (if requested), or by implied consent (if you are alerted that certain information you provide may be shared and you elect to furnish said information);

B) during sale – involves the merger or sale (or negotiations thereof) of SmackDocs business or equity interests which may contain personal information accumulated or compiled in the course of established business operations;

C) for assistance to service providers – occurs when vendors, consultants, and other service providers who are engaged by SmackDocs to help maintain, enhance, or otherwise work on or operate the website need unrestricted access to personal information to effectively do their jobs;

D) if legally required – means that SmackDocs is lawfully authorized or required to furnish personal information to comply with the law, or to otherwise honor requests from legal authorities (includes via subpoena, warrant, or court order);

E) as part of aggregated statistics – involves only general information that cannot be used to directly or indirectly identify a specific individual;

F) to protect SmackDocs’ interests – if SmackDocs believes in good faith that turning over personal information is legally authorized or required in order to protect the rights, property, or safety of SmackDocs, its users, employees, copyright owners, other applicable third parties, and/or the public from fraud or abuse arising from the inappropriate or unlawful use of this website; and

G) to enforce SmackDocs’ policies – pertains to this Privacy Policy, SmackDocs’ Terms of Use agreement, and any other agreement or policy that appears on the SmackDocs website.

SmackDocs is not responsible for the actions of service providers or other third parties. SmackDocs is likewise not responsible for information disseminated directly by you to any third party or parties. You should familiarize yourself with the privacy policies (as well as how these have been or are being implemented) of any third party or third-party website before you disclose private or sensitive information about yourself or your startup to this person or entity. SmackDocs reserves the right to share general, anonymous, or aggregate information with relevant third parties without your consent.


SmackDocs takes reasonable measures to protect any personal information you may provide against unauthorized access and usage, loss or destruction, disclosure, misuse, or alteration. Be advised however that no security measures are absolutely foolproof, and that no guarantees can be offered with respect to the transmission and storage of data against interception or other types of misuse. Do not disclose your login, password, or other sensitive information. Be aware that you are responsible for any parties that access or utilize the SmackDocs website with your password. Advise SmackDocs at once if you discover that your password has been stolen or otherwise misused.


Absolutely. You may elect to stop receiving updates and other promotional emails from SmackDocs at any time.

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