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Document Detail:

A unilateral or One-Way Nondisclosure Agreement prohibits an individual affiliated with your startup (the signing party) from disclosing or using (other than for limited purposes outlined in the agreement) confidential information he or she may be privy to under the agreement. A nondisclosure agreement may be referred to as a NDA, as a confidentiality agreement (CA), or as a confidential disclosure agreement (CDA). Be aware that all of these terms denote the same document.

The nondisclosure agreement generated by SmackDocs is appropriate for use with strategic partners, suppliers, and investors. The agreement can also be applied to the person who is considering a consulting relationship with your startup, and who requires further (and more technically explicit) information in order to reach that decision.

The nondisclosure agreement generated by SmackDocs is not appropriate for use with employees. Instead, have each of your startup’s employees sign an Employee Proprietary Information and Inventions Agreement (which includes among its terms the same confidentiality protections).